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Re-cycled 80’s Eyewear

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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had glasses. For those of you that understand optical powers, my mom was a -19.00 which basically meant I didn’t have a fighting chance at “normal” vision. I received my first pair in the 1st grade.  Back then, eyewear wasn’t all the rage it is today. My glasses were B-I-G, and not in a good way. They were big in an 80’s sort of way. They were big in a soft pink plastic, cover your eyebrows sort of way.  They pretty much covered my whole face, and although I look back at those years with fond quirky memories it interesting to see the parallel with eyewear then & eyewear now.

I was a product of the 80’s. Born in 75′, I spent most of my adolescent years rockin’ enormous hair & larger-then-life glasses. Although I vowed when that decade came to a close that I would never do two things; the first was a very serious commitment to NEVER, EVER, under any circumstance tight-roll my jeans again. Or worse yet, tight roll them then cover up the transgression  with obnoxious colored scrunchy socks. Secondly, was a vow to turn a blind eye from ridiculously large ” Sally Jesse Raphael” glasses. (For those of you that don’t know what I’m  talking about, Google it you won’t be disappointed.) I distinctly remember dominating my 8th grade picture with HUGE pair of black “Sally Jesse Raphael’s, and hair that was so big it got cut out of the picture. And although I was insanely proud of my picture that year, it wasn’t until my head cleared from all the Aqua Net fumes that I realized  I would “Never-Ever-Get-Back-Together” (thank you Taylor Swift) with those hideous oversized glasses. Well, I’m shocked to say that those 2 vows that were suppose to last a lifetime, actually only lasted about  twenty years.  I am now an Optician in my 30’s rocking “skinny” jeans, & oversized “Sally Jesse Raphael” (SJR) glasses.–  Granted my new red SJR’s are chic & fabulous with hints of modern architecture, they still possess a slice of the endearing awkward presence of the 80’s. My point is that eyewear is just like clothing, recycles itself. And while we already know this to be true, it sometimes take a little while to open up to the idea of it being re-created. — It took me twenty years.

So, as a fun way to end I thought I would (against my better judgement) download an old awkward family photo from the 80’s showcasing my “Sally Jesse Raphael’s”. It won’t take you long to realize that they encompass my entire face. Your eyes may also wander to my sweet tight-rolled Girbaud jeans & neon socks…there is no shame it, you can hold your gaze. — This was the 80’s in full bloom, people! And after you recover from that, you can take a peek at the other 2 photos. The first is an original Sally Jesse Raphael picture for those of you that may not know what her infamous red glasses looked like and then of course my current “Sally Jesse Raphael glasses” that I’m wearing again 20 years later.

Uncanny isn’t it? Some may even say it’s a bit scary, but that my friends is a perfect example of eyewear re-created!  I have nothing left to say but, ‘Wear em’ load & proud’ everyone!



Bespoke Eyewear, Made Just For You

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Check out this article about one of our designers, Tom Davies!  He created a line called BESPOKE eyewear that allows you to design your own style by selecting the shape, colors and texture of your new frame!! –What a refreshing & amazing concept!!! …And Seriously, they’re “hot”, I’ve already “BESPOKE” mine. Ya gotta come down & check these out people!




I think it’s time for an eye exam!

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So you wake up in the middle of the night roll over and look at the alarm clock….If you’re anything like me, It reads a half past blurry. — For those of us, “visually challenged” individuals we are used to an out of focus world until we put on our glasses. When I saw this image it seemed fitting so I had to share it with all of you! Let’s just admit it, a select few of us have actually done this! 😉


Makeup classes for girls who wear glasses!

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Check out these fun makeup tips ladies!! ♥
(Click the image below to see the tips!)

Style Your Glasses

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We continue to welcome summer with this style board for your Tuesday inspiration. Make sure to check out the lafont frame- which is a great look for anyone!


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